Best Fastpitch Softball bats 2016

Welcome to our page dedicated to the best fastpitch softball bats available. Unfortunately, the top bat for one fastpitch player does not necessarily work well for another.

As you will see below, we provide a comparison table to help make this process easier. We look at factors such as price, weight, construction, and durability so that you can choose what is the most important to you. This list has been updated for the 2015 & 2016 season. For each bat listed below, we also provide a review that contains more of an overview for each product.

Without further ado we hope that you, with the assistance of this page, are able to find the best fastpitch softball bat to match your style of hitting.

Louisville Xeno Plus
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Demarini CF8
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Easton Mako
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Demarini CF8 Insane
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Review (/5)5554
Drop-8, -9, -10, -11-8, -9, -10, -11-10-10
MaterialPerformance PlusParadox PlusCompositeParadox Composite
ConstructionTwo pieceTwo pieceTwo pieceTwo piece
SwingBalancedBalancedBalancedEnd Loaded
Features- Used by top colleges
- No break-in needed
- Absorbs vibrations
- Hot out of the Wrapper
- Stronger barrel
- Trampoline effect
- Quick Bat Speed
- Smooth hitting stroke
- Massive sweet spot
- End loaded for more power
- Eliminates vibration
- Double wall construction

Brief Fastpitch Softball bat reviews

As shown in the above table, we believe that the 5 bats will provide you with all you need. However, if you still aren’t convinced we provide quick fastpitch softball bat reviews of our Top-5 below.

fastpitch softball bat reviewsEaston Mako: We feel that the Easton Mako is arguably one of the best fastpitch softball bats available. Easton has been making high quality fastpitch bats for many years. The Easton Mako is their newest innovation and has already been purchased by many players. Designed for the best of the best, the Mako features a huge sweet spot for incredible power. Despite the large sweet spot, the Mako has been designed to make your swing speeds faster at the same time. As you can imagine, doing this is not easy! But with the new TCT Thermo Composite material, Easton has done just that and have provided you with one of the best ever made. Like many other popular Easton bats that have been made, this one also features ConneXion technology which is aimed at reducing potential for vibrations when making awkward swings. If you are interested in learning more about the most popular choice, then check out our full Easton Mako review.

best fastpitch softball batsDemarini CF8: The next of our fastpitch softball bat reviews looks at the Demarini CF8. You will feel the power in your hands when you step to the plate with the Demarini CF8 in your hand. This 2 1/4? barrel uses Paradox composite material which provides strength and stability to your power stroke. It will feel so light in your hand you will feel you can hit pitches a very long way. The CF8 uses the latest technology to allow you to get maximum transformation of power in your swing. The design allowed them to keep the stiffness in the barrel for power and still providing a dulling impact on the vibration and the sting you might feel. This bat gives you a feeling of confidence to hit like you know you are capable of. With a full 1-year warranty backed by a great brand like Demarini, its no wonder so many people have purchased it already. Like what you see so far? Check out our full review of the Demarini CF8.

best fastpitch softball bats 2016Demarini CF8 Hope: Show your support for breast cancer awareness by swinging the Demarini CF7 Hope, the hottest bat on the field in 2016. The CF8 Hope features a 2 piece composite design, consisting of an all Paradox Composite barrel and a D-fusion handle to deliver game-changing performance.

The CF8 is the hottest model ever produced by Demarini that delivers a hot out of the wrapper performance with a larger, more responsive sweet spot. And this is all because of the Paradox composite and the scientifically shaped design that make the barrel stronger but still softer on contact. Featuring a Stacked Double Wall construction that creates a trampoline effect all across the barrel, it provides a completely optimized performance on field. The barrel ending with the end cap provides maximum barrel compression, resulting in more POP and larger sweet spot.
The D-fusion handle, at the same time, reduces harsh vibrations on contact and gives it an awesome feel and sound.

This incredible design made with Demarini’s innovative technology delivers consistently awesome performance as well as unmatched durability. With a drop weight of -10, this bat is neither too light nor too heavy, giving you the fastest speed and maximum power. View our Demarini CF7 Hope review.

Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus: Despite being one of our top picks for the 2015 season as well, we still feel that the Louisville Xeno Plus is a great pick for this year. With a brand new sharp purple/black color scheme, it features a great balanced swing allowing you to combine your power and speed properly. Perhaps the greatest innovation with the Xeno is the use of S1iD technology. According to Louisville, the S1iD technology allows the barrel to flex as much as possible. So if you are a hitter that like a little extra bounce in your swing, this one may be for you. The Xeno is consistently used by many of the best teams around the country both at the high school and collegiate levels. The Xeno is ready to go right out of the wrapper and does not require any sort of break in period. and will quickly make you a happy fastpitch softball player! If you like what you’ve read so far, you might be even more interested in our Louisville Xeno review.

Demarini CF8 Insane: The Demarini CF8 Insane is very similar to the CF8 that we reviewed earlier. The main difference however is the Insane model is more end loaded and feels more like a -9 drop bat instead of the advertised -10. This newest version of the CF8 Insane is the use of Paradox Composite material for the bats construction. The Paradox composite gives it incredible strength but allows for no break in time whatsoever. If you hate waiting for your bat to be ready after purchase, then you may want to check this one out. Lastly for those that hate vibrations, the CF8 Insane includes a new D-Fusion handle that promises to be better than ever before at vibration control. To see even more details on this model, please check out our full Demarini CF8 Insane review.

What to Look for When Buying a Fast pitch Bat

People often make critical mistakes when choosing a fast pitch bat. They either buy one because of its color or because their teammates are swinging it. Color is not a determinant of how good the it will perform. Likewise, it’s not necessary what your teammate is swinging is the perfect model for you. When it’s your turn to hit, there will be nobody else in that box except you and your bat. So, if you really want to make a difference to the game, get a bat that you can swing well. So you want to find the best fastpitch softball bats for your game? Here is a roadmap to help you find the perfect model.


Fast pitch bats usually come in a range of 26 to 32 inches for smaller players and 30 to 34 inches for older players. The key to choose the perfect size is to try swinging the bat and see what you are comfortable with. Another way is to measure the perfect size. Stand with your arms straight out to your sides and measure from the center of your chest to the tips of your index finger. This is the estimated size you should be using.


When it comes to choosing the weight of the bat, many players make the mistake of choosing the heaviest one out there. A heavy model is no good if you can’t swing it fast. The difference light and heavy bats make is easy to understand. Light bats provide more bat speed as they have lower Moment of Inertia behind them; so you can swing them fast and quick. However, due to their less weight, they have less power.

Heavy bats, on the other hand, provide more power and add more distance to your hits.

To get the perfect weight, consider your skill level. If you are a beginner and learning how to hit fast, get a lighter bat. On the other hand, if you already are a power hitter, get a heavy one.

The weight is usually measured in drop weight. It is actually a length to weight ratio and is a negative number. For example a bat that is 34 inches long and has a drop weight of -10, will weigh 24 oz. The bigger the drop weight is, the lighter it will be.

The bottom line is to find the perfect balance between light and heavy. Choose the heaviest bat that you can swing as fast as possible.


The material you buy comes down to your own personal preference. Wooden bats are usually not preferred as they break easily and are unsafe. However, it depends on the rules of the league you play in.

Aluminum (alloy) and composite bats are widely used by fast pitch softball players. Alloy bats are balanced, sturdier, and inexpensive but they have smaller sweet spot and less pop. However, they don’t require any breaking in time. Generally, the more expensive the alloy is, the better the bat will perform. On the other hand, composite bats perform really well when broken in. They provide a solid cushion for the ball and have an awesome pop off them. However, they are quite expensive to buy.

Bat regulations

Most fast pitch leagues are governed by ASA but there are leagues, which are also governed by USSSA, NSA, and ISF. All these have different bat regulations and rules. ASA certified bats have lower performance than USSSA, NSA. And ISF. So, if you buy a bat that is ASA certified, it will mostly be legal to use in other leagues. But if you are playing in a league governed by ASA, it has to be ASA certified.

We hope that you have enjoyed all of the fastpitch softball bat reviews we have provided you on this page. As you mentioned earlier there is no one size fits all when it comes to choosing a fastpitch bat. We hope that you have however been able to find the best fastpitch softball bat for you this 2016 season.