Best Softball Bats & Reviews (Fastpitch & Slowpitch) for 2014

Best USSSA Bats

Welcome to our page dedicated to the best USSSA softball bats available. The United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) is, like the ASA, a governing body responsible for setting for a standard of rules for compliance. Up until 1998, the USSSA only dealth with softball but has since expanded to include many different sports. One of the main differences in terms of bats between the USSSA and ASA standard is the USSSA allows for 100 mph+ bats to be used whereas the ASA does not. To view a full list of regulation, this Wikipedia article provides a good summary. For now however, enjoy our list of the best usssa softball bats available.

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Top USSSA Softball Bats for the year 2014

We feel quite confident that the following list represents the best USSSA softball bats for 2014. When more are released and reviewed, this list may become modified slightly.

The Worth 454 Mutant is one of the top bats made from USSSA softball players. With a full 2 inches more in size along the barrel (both top and bottom), the 454 Mutant provides you with the most powerful and responsive bat in the business. You will be hitting homers all over the field!

What makes the 454 Mutant even strong is the unique construction process that was used. With a two-piece design, it provides hitters with more of a bounce or flex feeling that you’d traditionally feel in one-piece systems. Despite being a two-piece system, the 454 Mutant is still incredibly durable and will be one of the longer lasting bats you’ll use. The Center load used also provides hitters with more control then they are used to which provides better and more consistent fluid swings. At around $200-$300, this bat isn’t the cheapest around, but it certainly isn’t the most expensive and will provide you with all the benefits that $400 bats provide.

The Easton 2013 S1 USSSA provides softball players with all of the speed they could possibly stand to hold while they hit. This durable two-piece bat has a Ultra thin 29/32″ handle with performance diamond grip which will allow any softball player to feel in complete control during every at bat. The sweetspot of the S1 is optimized for the optimal hitting performance in every at bat. You can’t control the umpires in a game but you can definitely control the power that you are wielding at the plate with the Easton 2013 S1 USSSA Softball Bat. You will like this bat more and more with every game that you use it in. It is the Easton Single System Composite Design that allows you to feel this incredible control. This bat will provide steady fire power to your game all season long.

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If you want a little more power than what the Easton S1 offers, we feel you will get that and more by using the Worth Mayhem USSSA approved softball bat. What many players are finding so far when using this new 2013 BJ Fulk inspired model is that it has a consistent swing and that it has a great combination of power and quickness. One of the features that really stands out is the amount of durability this bat has. Despite using Worth’s very own and patented Mayhem technology (to destroy the competition), it also features an advanced construction process allowing you to use this bat for many more swings than you are used to with your older models.

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Top USSSA Softball Bats in 2012

The year 2012 was a great year for softball players as many great bats were released and enjoyed by many players. Trimming down a list of the best USSSA softball bats for 2012 wasn’t an easy task, but feel the following list represents the year quite well.

When you think hitting, you think of Louisville Slugger and the Louisville Z2000 USSSA is a bat that will not disappoint you in the least. Louisville Slugger has used Inner Socket Technology composite design, which provides you with a strong and permanent connection between the barrel and the handle of your bat. This balance allows you to maintain the power of your swing on both inside and outside pitches. So you will be successful using the Louisville Z2000 USSSA pulling the ball down the line or fighting it off and going the other way. You will become a hit machine with this power at your disposal.

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When you hit with Miken NXT USSSA Bat you hit with the best. You will have taken a step into the major leagues when you employ Miken’s HBF Technology, and swing for the fences. This is due to the barrel flex which allows you to enjoy a sweet spot that is twenty percent bigger than a normal bat. Miken has also given you the ability to optimize your performance and power by using their vortex handle technology. This allows the bat to work seamlessly providing the best performance possible. You will be hitting absolute seeds all over the ballpark when you use the Miken NXT USSSA Bat in your games this season.



Best Slowpitch USSSA approved bats

We often get asked what are the most popular slow pitch bats available, and hence we added this section. The best USSSA softball bats for slowpitch players is not an easy selection process as there are many great candidates. However, this list below represents what we feel are the best and doing what they should do…helping performance.

You may think you have gotten stronger the first time you hit with the Miken Freak FX USSSA softball bat. However it will be the revolutionary technology that you hold in your hand that allows you to take mighty cuts that smack the ball with freak authority. The HBF technology that Miken puts into this bat gives you a layered barrel flex that gives your bat a much larger sweet spot, which means more power for you, more hits and more success. This in itself makes it one of the best USSSA softball bats year after year. The advanced inner flex technology will help you move your game to the next level. This bat has more strength and power so you can perform with greater strength an power. The comfortable feel of the X-tack knob will allow you to feel complete control and power.

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Hitting on the field with the Easton 2013 Stealth USSSA you will be doing it with one of the most popular and consistent weapons available on the hitting market today. You will experience the comfort needed to have confidence in your hitting ability, because of the Performance Diamond Grip and its 13.5” balanced barrel for managed power. This is due to the Extreme 100+ MPH performance that complies with current Bat Performance Standards. This bat is made from the highest performing composite materials available which allow you to hit at your most powerful best. You will hit bombs and rockets when you use the Easton 2013 Stealth USSSA in your games this season.

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As you can see from the above, there are many great choices out there for USSSA softball players. We hope this list of the best USSSA softball bats has helped you out in some way, if not please contact us and let us know what you think.

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