Demarini CF9

Brand new for the 2017 season, the Demarini CF9 Fastpitch softball bat look to be quite a winner if it is anything like the previous CF series models produced by Demarini. Although its predecessor (the CF8) is still one of the top sold bats, the CF9 has made even more improvements to take your game even further than before. For fastpitch players we feel that the CF9 offers the perfect blend of power, comfort, and balance. For 2017, it is available in the following models depending on whether you are looking for a lighter or heavier swing:

  • DXCF8 (-8 drop)
  • DXCFF (-9 drop)
  • DXCFP (-10 drop)
  • DXCFS (-11 drop for youth players)

Main Features of the 2017 CF9

Demarini CF9

As mentioned earlier, the CF9 could end up being one of the best bats of all-time. Whenever you improve an already good thing by adding even more features to the fold, you have as true winner. Some of these features include:

  • Paraflex composite barrel: Demarini has developed and applied a new Paraflex composite throughout the barrel. This new material allows for the barrel to become stronger to give you an even larger and responsive sweet spot. This is an improvement from last year’s model as it promises to be 22% stronger by using less composite material which translates into a more durable and lighter swing.
  • D-Fusion 2.0 handle: The use of D-Fusion 2.0 re-directs your swing energy into the barrel providing more power but leaving you with a handle that provides very little sting.
  • Double walls: To get even more high performance, Demarini has added a double wall construction to the fold. This allows for more of a trampoline effect to occur which in turn enhances your ability to take the ball deep with more ease.
  • Hot out of the wrapper: This bat is ready to be used right away. The aforementioned Paradox composite allows for minimal break-in time so you can swing it right away.
  • Balanced swing: Using the Low Pro end cap, the CF9 provides a nice smooth consistent swing each and every time. For those looking for more of an end loaded bat, take a look at the Insane version of this bat which we also review.

What makes the CF9 better than the CF8?

If you’ve used the Demarini CF8 then the major difference you will notice in terms of improvements is the Paraflex composite barrel instead of the Paradox Plus+ composite. This new construction is incredibly innovative and is both the hottest and largest sweetspot available.

Many fastpitch players love the 2016 version of the Demarini CF8. If you already own this bat though, should you consider trying out the new CF9? My advice is if you are happy and comfortable with the CF8 then stick with it. However, if the CF8 is near the end of its usefulness, I would highly recommend you take a peek at this one. Although it will feel very similar, you will still notice a huge difference in the way it swings and the little extra power could make all of the difference for your next season. If you loved the CF8 then I have no doubt that you will love the Demarini CF9 fastpitch bat even more.