Louisville Slugger Z2000

For slowpitch softball players looking to add a little more “pop” in their swing should look into the Louisville Slugger Z2000 this year. The 2014 Z2000 SBZ214 softball bat has been redesigned to offer the hitters more flexibility and greater power which combined lead to much happier hitters! If you have never heard of Louisville Slugger bats then you probably live under a rock as they are arguably the most famous bats ever produced. Although more popular in the baseball world, Slugger bats have been growing in popularity with slow pitch softball players as well. The nice thing about the brand new Z2000 is that they come in both Balanced and Endloaded version for players look for a little extra pop. Each of these bats are also available in ASA and USSSA version so you can find the right one for your league.

Features of the 2014 Z2000

Louisville Z-2000

The build and construction of the Z2000 is very solid. Using patented LS-2X technology, Louisville is able to reduce the thickness of the barrel walls while still preserving power by using high strength graphite fibers throughout. The use of thin fibers ensures that more layers are used which leads to a bat that will last longer than average and be very difficult to crack or break.

Another innovative technology used in this bat is the Louisville iST. The iST joins the barrel to the handle of the Z2000 which allows the bat to have a larger sweet spot but still providing the hitter with a balanced and smooth swinging motion. The handle of the 2014 Z2000 (SBZ214-AB & SBZ214-UB & SBZ214-UE & SBZ214-AE) has seen great improvements over previous Slugger softball bats. One of the most painful things in softball is when you just miss the ball and feel all of those vibrations around your hands. Using this bat, the vibrations are absorbed before they even reach your hands ensuring that you will feel no sting whatsoever.

ASA Balanced
ASA End Loaded
USSSA Balanced
USSSA End Loaded

Final Thoughts

There are many different versions of the Z2000 available. The links found throughout this review will provide you with both the ASA approved and USSSA approved versions. There are variations of each Louisville Slugger Z2000 that are more end loaded as well.